Ramya is our Communications Manager. Immersed in the world of digital, she is our millennial, growing up in a world of social media, understanding its influence and power in the world, riding trends and new technology and advancing our use of them.


Ramya has a background in media, fine art, design and illustration, and a love of Indian movies and culture, solidified when she worked as an Assistant Director in Indian Cinema. 


Always adding a touch of class, a steady hand and a calm influence, she gets how to work in today’s digital world whilst keeping her feet firmly planted in the present. Precise and charming, Ramya is totally stellar in getting things done.


Ramya not only drives ivorgoat’s social media content but coordinates our planning across digital platforms. She is our go-to coordination point across multi-media, social and digital planning and execution.


We are better for having Ramya on the team