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It was a dark and stormy night, and the beasts were out to play........ I wish I could start the ivorygoat story with this line, but the reality is quirkier and a tale of taking life by the balls and making dreams come true.

A slightly strange obsession with goats.

Oli (entertainment director) has a slightly strange obsession with goats and for years and was the guy who sent those goat memes, a day didn’t go by without receiving one. For his 40th birthday, his mates clubbed together and purchased him a life-size, hand-stitched goat, act 1 of the scene was set for ivorygoat. Flo, our ivorygoat’s given name took up residence, becoming part of the family, intrinsic to our parties, even coming out with us on occasions, and when it came to naming the company, there really was only one name that would do!

To go back a bit; we were all settled in Qatar and had been for many years and were working in TV, we’d previously met working together making films.

Then the covid pandemic hit the world. It was like no other story we’d covered, we were immersed, covering the rising panic and the impact as it happened, country by country. We were managing twenty+ shows around the world at the time and our first big issue was getting hundreds of staff to work from home and making sure everyone was safe, it was no mean feat but we got real and were committed to keeping everything on air and people in jobs. We built studios in homes, changed workflows daily, and managed massive amounts of media, pivoting, juggling, and keeping it, all going in a landscape none of us had the experience or were prepared for.

The pandemic change life for everyone

The pandemic changed life for everyone; working from home, juggling home-schooling in lockdown, and for us in 50-degree heat, making what was difficult almost impossible, and we decided it was time for a reset.

Oli & I had already moved our life to Javea in 2014, buying out our dream house, scoping out schools, and working towards our life there, we expected this to be after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar but the pandemic brought the plan forward a few years.

Planning weddings had always been in the back of my mind, but life takes us in a different direction, but luckily for us towards working together, our careers were ferocious, fun, and amazing, we traveled the world, met interesting people from all walks of life and from all over the globe, it was a gift. But the pandemic reset all our priorities and was the catalyst for change.

We all wanted to work together and we all agreed we wanted to use our experience, skills, and talents to do something beautiful, meaningful and that would make people happy.

We love each other; we respect each other, and damn we work well together!

We all knew the moment the idea was born that this was where we were meant to be, together creating beautiful, in the most romantic place, Marina Alta, Costa Blanca, Spain.

So, here we are; building our dream, not only for us, but for our couples and the community of businesses we work with, using everything we have learned to make wedding days incredible, meaningful, and full of laughter.

We are ivorygoat; fun, driven, caring, experienced professionals, and we now bring our skills to weddings.

Hayleigh Goodman-Smith

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