Oli is our Entertainment Director, a highly-skilled Technical Event Manager with a passion for entertainment.  He not only brings his experience of event management covering weddings, celebrity functions and parties, but also a love of all types of entertainment.


Working for an Ivy League university solidified his knowledge of what makes things flow, dealing with critically demanding and meticulous events on a daily basis, and all whilst keeping his clients happy. 


His attention for technical detail underpins the creative and storytelling of our team but he also strives to find amazing artists; he will not be satisfied until he’s found exactly what you want - from a harpist to a DJ, fire eaters to fireworks, cocktails to canapés, a horse-drawn carriage to a high-powered sports car.


With a DJ career spanning over twenty years and having played in clubs around the world, he brings a unique flavour and vibrancy to ivorygoat. Oli’s fun quirky personality, his passion for music and love of all areas of entertainment is exactly the right mix of traits to elevate ivorygoat’s services. 

Making sure that your vision is exciting, spectacular and distinctive