Live Streaming

You are the star

Couple on Red Carpet

We are professional in maximising content, now we bring live streaming to weddings.


We understand with the current landscape you might not be able to have everyone you want with you on your wedding day, but no-one needs to be left out because we can live stream your day.


We have the technology, the capability and the understanding of how to make the most of every second.


We can stream the vows, speeches, your first dance or even the whole day.  We can set up live links so you can speak to your remote guests wherever they are.   The technology is here and we can bring this to your wedding.


We can even do red-carpet live arrivals, just imagine our presenter live linking to your social media and friends and family who cannot be with you. Discussing the beautiful outfits being worn, recounting background stories of you and your guests, carrying out live interviews with your wedding party and announcing your arrival. 

Who doesn’t want to be the star of their own wedding