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Marina Alta


All you need is love

About Us

We are wedding planners, based in the Marina Alta region, Costa Blanca, Spain, but we can bring our skills to weddings anywhere in the world. 


We bring to weddings our skills from film, TV, and events, 


Award-winning professionals with an eye on details, we plan weddings with a fresh and unique approach. 

We want to make your dream day, spectacular, beautiful, and personal. 


We have lots of services from Legal Assistance, Ceremony, Hair & Makeup, flowers, transport, and classic cars, decoration, celebrants, accommodation, entertainment, kid/children entertainment, food, and drink, wedding cakes, to photography and video. 

But we have some amazing services that are unique to ivorygoat. 


Live Streaming 

Art Direction 

Love Story Film 

Wedding Planning 

Appearance Design  

Social Media  

Destination Management  


We have everything covered to make your day amazing, stunning, beautiful, and unique. 

We have a passion for creating unique and awe-inspiring events, and where better to do this than with our couples, on the biggest day of their lives, where attention to detail matters, with a team of professionals who love every tiny detail of planning and delivering perfect.