Wedding Ring

What this means to you

It will still be totally authentic; you can carry out the rituals and traditions of your beliefs or maybe even design your own.

The Marina Alta region of Costa Blanca boasts a wide selection of venues for marriage; and depending on your ability to marry in Spain, we can support you to find the perfect setting for your destination wedding. 


You will have seen our selection of venues but we can also provide quaint white churches, ancient rustic churches which are full of history, even castles or museums.


Speak to us about what is possible depending on your nationality, beliefs, and eligibility to marry here, and we will find the most suitable venue for your ceremony.


If it's a blessing then we can help you choose the best celebrant, working with you to capture what it means for you to marry. 

All faiths, beliefs, and languages are supported, nothing will be left to chance; we respect this is a very important part of your destination dream wedding.