Art Direction

Reaching for perfection

Color Palette Samples

Art Direction is the art of pulling all the aesthetics together to make a beautiful whole, this takes skill and vision.  We at ivorygoat hold this at the highest level - it’s how we reach perfection.


Our team at ivorygoat has worked on multiple international award-winning shows over the years. We bring creative, graphic, and set-design skills to weddings.


Our team will take your wedding brand and build and incorporate this in every part of your wedding, implementing it across all areas - your website, invitations, your bouquet, the bridesmaids’ and grooms’ flowers, hair and makeup, flowers for your tables, furniture, building instillations for taking vows,  food and menus, wedding cake, lighting, cars -  anything visual will be overseen by our Creative Director and her team of designers to reach your streamlined wedding brand in every area and creating the ultimate wow factor, creating a unique style for your destination wedding


And then, of course, comes your film…

We start with your Brand-Vision